Back to School: Spelling Apps

Now that school is back in full swing, you may find yourself practicing spelling words at home as part of your child’s weekly homework. Check out these spelling apps to spice up that time.


These spelling apps can help your child practice spelling at home.

If you are looking for a spelling curriculum to use in your home school environment, or supplement another educational experience, check out our Spelling You See

Spelling Apps

Mystery Word Town

mystery word town

Enter a real cowboy town set up with a sheriff, school, general store, post office, and bank. Each area of the app, has letters hidden like gold around the scene. Children tap the letters to add letters to their bank. Then to progress through the scene children are prompted to practice a spelling word, and when completed correctly, they advance to the next part of the scene. The app has very interesting graphics and makes practicing the spelling words feel like a game. Children will forget they are practicing spelling. Download KinderTown to read the full review.


Word Wizard

Word Wizard

Word Wizard – Talking Movable Alphabet, uses app technology to enhance traditional writing and spelling activities. Children write sentences and spelling words while Word Wizard helps by saying the sounds of each letter as they are dragged onto the page. After each word is built, Word Wizard speaks the word as it is spelled and highlights it in red if it is spelled in a non-traditional way, or in white if it has the correct spelling. Download KinderTown to read the full review.


Spelling City


SpellingCity has created one app for parents and teachers to access spelling practice activities for multiple kids in kindergarten through grade 12. Seven spelling activities support kids learning new words, in playfully practicing spelling lists and working through spelling tests all right in the app. Download KinderTown to read the full review.


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