Back-To-School Apps for Young Girls

These apps are sure to tickle your youngest girls fancy!

These apps are sure to tickle your youngest girls fancy!


Fancy Nancy Dress Up

Fancy Nancy

Does your daughter like to dress up? Fancy Nancy Dress Up is the app for her! Fancy Nancy is a beloved character in children’s books for young girls. The app Fancy Nancy Dress Up is a well designed app in which your child is creating Nancy’s “look” on each page of the story. Your child can dress Nancy in a number of lovely outfits for each page in the story. Open Fancy Nancy’s dresser and choose from a variety of options from skirts to outerwear to jewelry, your daughter can completely dress Nancy from head to toe. Add a background or use a picture that you have taken for a personalized background. If your daughter needs inspiration choose the random button to see what appears. When your child is finished, enjoy reading the personalized story together. If you haven’t enjoyed a Fancy Nancy story with your daughter be sure to check out a few of her great books at your local library.


Solve it! with Jim Henson’s Doozer’s

Solve IT!

If you aren’t familiar with the Doozer’s, they are a creation by Jim Henson in which three-inch characters live just beyond the world. They live in a self contained community that is focused on technology, cooperation, teamwork, inventing and eco-consciousness. This app involves the use of cooperation, technology and eco-consiousness. In this app, simple problems are presented to your child. Kids must attempt to solve the problems in the physics based challenges. Some challenges include adding pieces to the puzzle to allow the ball to complete a maze. There are 50 levels with increasing challenge and once three stars are earned on each level, a sticker is awarded for the sticker book. This app develops problem-solving skills as well as beginning engineering skills in a fun and friendly environment. KinderTown thinks this is a perfect engineering game for Pre-Schoolers! The app is $2.99 and is appropriate for children ages 3-7.


Dora ABCs Vol 3: Ready to Read!


Dora needs help hopping across the Lilly pads in order to get to the other side of the river. The app invites children to respond to questions like “Which picture goes with this word? Which letter will change Cat into Bat?”Children are invited to manipulate the beginning, middle or ending sounds in the word to make a new word. The ability to manipulate these sounds is an important skills to become a proficient reader.┬áParents please note that your child should be a beginning reader to be successful with this app. Many three syllable words are presented that children must read aloud. The app does include a nice tracking system in which parents can view their child’s progress and which type of words their child is working with. Also, multiple players can be added to this app easily so several children in one household can easily use the app. The app is appropriate for children ages 4-6 and is $2.99.


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