5 Apps for Creative Kids

Your creative kids will enjoy the varied experiences these apps provide and many are free!

Check out our top apps for creativity. Your creative kids will enjoy the varied experiences these apps provide and many are free!


Art Class with Dr. Panda


This app provides virtual creative experiences your child will appreciate. There are six different virtual art activities for your child to experiment with in Art Class with Dr. Panda. Create your own pottery with the virtual lathe. Then fire it and paint it. Fold origami paper to make a virtual pinwheel to play with in the wind. Design a virtual kite to sail through the sky. Arrange colored pegs on a board to make a unique design. The best part is your child can experience the process over and over again, and play with the finished creations. The app is currently free and appropriate for children ages 3-6.


Draw and Tell HD by Duck Duck Moose


Draw and Tell brings the best features of drawing apps into one fabulous art experience. Choose from a blank page, your photos, or one of the available backgrounds to start a project. Tools such as crayons, stickers, paint, and erasers can be used while the app records your child singing, talking, and moving stickers around the screen. Not feeling up to creating your own picture? Your child can choose from a variety of coloring pages and drop paint into the lines to create a vibrant scene. This is another top free app from Duck Duck Moose.


Faces iMake – Premium!

Faces iMake

Faces iMake encourages creativity, experimenting, learning, and expression in one magical app. Loaded with friendly instructions, first time users will find lots of direction and encouragement built into videos and examples. The whole family will enjoy creating pictures through the manipulation of a wide variety of images–from food to musical instruments. The platform is easy to use and supports collaboration and discovery that “children” of all ages will enjoy using. This is one of our favorite apps at KinderTown! The Premium version is available for $1.99.


MoMA Art Lab


Many museums and educational organizations create apps to accompany their exhibits and collections. This app is a great way to take a virtual field trip to the Museum of Modern Art. MOMA Art Lab features 9 different activities that explore the use of shapes and lines in unique ways. For example, construct a virtual mobile and watch it move. Create a collage and then shake your iPad to reconstruct the it. MOMA matches an artist’s work with the activity to educate children about modern art while creating their own masterpieces. KinderTown really likes the audio directions for each activity, making the app accessible to children as young as four. In addition, there is a light-bulb icon which provides ideas for creating your own original artwork. The app allows children to save their work within the app. MOMA Art Lab is free and appropriate for children ages 4-8.


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