An App That REALLY Teaches Handwriting – iTrace (Brand New Release)

iTrace – handwriting for kids, is a brand new app released today to the App Store. It is a handwriting app that integrates auto-adjusting difficulty designed to support kids as they go from scribbles to quickly and confidently forming letters. This is not just another handwriting app. Not. At. All. iTrace has one of the most kid-friendly designs plus TONS of features for parents and teachers.


Here’s the breakdown!

Game Play

In iTrace, kids work on lowercase and uppercase letters as well as forming numbers. Kids can have the app randomly choose letters/numbers for them to form, or choose the letters/numbers they want to practice.

Each letter is modeled by the app and then your child traces the letter (with help as needed) three times, earning a star for each completion. For instant feedback, you earn a gold, silver or bronze star based on how well each letter was formed.

After receiving three stars a prize is shared. These aren’t just random sticker prizes. Each “prize” is an item which starts with the letter your child just finished tracing! Once the tracing is finished and prizes are earned, play a quick seek and find activity with your prize and get started on a new letter.

A very special feature is the leveling in the app. Your child might not notice, you might not notice, but the app is carefully adjusting the difficulty of the formation based on your child’s attempts. If the letter “S” is giving your little one a hard time the app will adjust to an easier level. If letter “O” is a breeze, the app adjusts to be more challenging, requiring your child to be more accurate. We love this for helping kids really hone in and challenge themselves to form very crisp, clean letters. You might even need to get out a stylus to form the letters at the hardest levels.

Word and Spelling Practice

iTrace isn’t just about individual letter and number formation. The app takes the learning a step further to encourage writing in context with words!

You’ll find 5 thematic word areas in the app: farm, beach, camping, arctic and circus. Words are shared letter by letter for your child to trace. Their tracing then forms the word in each unique scene.

A favorite part of the app is the “My Words” area. This is where parents and kids work together to take pictures of words they want to learn to write. Type in your new word, take or choose a picture and you are ready to go. This word is now in your child’s custom word list. Go in and learn to spell your name, your favorite teddy bear’s name, Mom, Dad, or anything else your child has been asking you how to spell lately.

Parent and Teacher Features

Last, but not least, are all the features for parents and teachers. Here is a list of our 5 favorite features for adults:

1. Logging in multiple children (players) including pictures

2. Customizing letter formation and formation based on right and left handedness

3. Detailed history of formation attempts made

4. In depth tutorial that walks you through the app

5. Options! Turn off the leveling, child-lock and sounds

You’ll want to spend some time in the settings page once your child shares the app with you. There is a lot to discover with iTrace.


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