3 Top Book Creation Apps

Use these apps to easily have your child create something special.

Fall is in full swing, and for my family that means trips to the pumpkin patch, walks to the park, and collecting leaves. Parents, I am sure you are also snapping photos as you create memories with your children. Why not create a memory book with your child of your experiences? You could create a photo book, art book, a book to use as a gift, a journal, or a creative story based on your fall fun. Use these apps to easily have your child create something special. They probably won’t be aware of it, but they’ll be developing reading and writing skills in the process.


Book Creator for iPad

book creator

A simply designed app, Book Creator for iPad, can take your ideas and make them into a well-designed book. When Book Creator opens, a simple visual tutorial walks you through how to create a book. In Book Creator, you can add photos, create drawings, or record your own voice. Also, adding text is simple. Book Creator offers 3 different book layout options (landscape, square, or portrait) and includes 50 different fonts. Book Creator is free and is appropriate for children ages 5-8. Ideally this is an app you would use alongside your child to encourage creativity, writing, and sharing their work with others. When you are finished, you can email the book, print the book, export it as a PDF, or upload it to iBooks. These options are great for sharing with friends and family. The app is $4.99.


My Story Book Creator School Edition

my story

My Story Book Creator is a creative book maker where your child can use stickers, markers, photos, and voice recordings to create their own book. This app also allows for multiple users, so more than one child in a household or classroom can have their own account within the app. This feature is great for classrooms or learning centers. My Story Book Creator also allows for sharing if enabled by email, on social networks, or in iBooks. Parents, be sure to help your child with this part if you are interested in sharing. My Story Book Creator costs $4.99 and appropriate for children ages 4-8.


Savor the childhood moments of the fall with your children and create a book together.


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