2 Kids Apps That Are Full of Fun!

Your kids are sure to enjoy these two educational apps!

Sago Mini Forest Flyer

Sago Mini Forest Flyer is a perfect early exploration app for young kids. Meet a curious little bird and help it fly around the forest discovering fun amongst the trees, sky and ground. Weather discovering a newspaper in a tree or taking a dive into a cool clear pond, there is much to explore. There is no language in the app but plenty of supportive sound effects and a calm nature sound background music. A kid-safe app with all links locked up to keep kids in the activity.


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The Fabulous Animal Playground

The Fabulous Animal Playground gives your family an app with 12 classic early learning, brain games for kids. Memory match, Spot the difference and a variety of puzzles are at your child’s fingertips with this kid-safe app. Free play drawing and music are a nice break from the various challenges. The app is not filled with noises, stars and praise, but focuses kids on the activities with an easy to use interface. Not explicitly educational, but one of the best collections of early learning brain game apps we’ve played.


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