1st Day of Gifting | Mrs. Judd’s Games

Today’s gift is a FREE app!  Snowflake Station from Mrs. Judd’s Games has been set to free for the 12th of December. In addition to setting Snowflake Station to FREE, they have shared 5 promo codes for their latest app: Crabby Writer

A little a bit about Snowflake Station – a fabulous early learning app:

Snowflake Station creates an opportunity for young children who have not yet  developed fine motor or scissors skills necessary to make snowflakes. It is their chance to see symmetry in action. Parents begin with the in-app tutorial to see the steps to making snowflakes. Kids jump right in tracing. There are over 25 different snowflake patterns or they can design their own. There are many opportunities in the app for children to discover and watch symmetry in action.

We appreciate this app as one that inspires kids to extend the activity off the device. After using the app our kids always beg for paper and scissors to try out the creations they made on the iPad.

Looking for ways to talk about snowflakes, symmetry and extend the fun off the app? We love the science behind snowflakes. The Auntie Annie blog does a great job of sharing activities, science and global paper cutting traditions.

Could there be more? Why yes there is!

The amazing folks at Mrs. Judd’s Games are not only setting Snowflake Station to free, but have also shared 5 app codes for their newest app “Crabby Writer: Phonics Read & Write” for a few lucky winners. Share the love through the rafflecopter giveaway below for an opportunity to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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