App Developers

Submit Your App

KinderTown can help drive downloads of your app. Because we’re so selective about the apps we include in KinderTown, those that we do recognize as being superior educational apps take center stage in the minds of parents who trust us to help them decide what apps to download.

The only way to have your app in KinderTown is for us to review it, so if you have an educational app targeted at young children that you think KinderTown should consider for its app store, please email us sayhello [at]

Keep in mind these guidelines when submitting your app:

  1. We’re only interested in apps aimed at young children (~3-8 years old).
  2. We look for apps that are directly educational, meaning their intent is to educate, not just entertain.
  3. We only review apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.