About KinderTown

“The Educational App for Engaged Parents”

KinderTown transforms mobile devices into powerful teaching tools by finding and organizing the best educational apps for kids ages 3-8 years old. Our mission is to improve early childhood education by empowering parents with the tools to be better teachers.

We work hard to find the best educational apps for children. Each app we select for KinderTown has been tested and reviewed by educators, parents, and most importantly, children. Not all (or even most) of the apps meet our high standards. We take many factors into account including educational value, ease of use, engagement value, design features, artwork, cost, and shelf life.

It’s through this exacting process that we believe we can help parents use their iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches to teach their children anything.

Get Involved

The name KinderTown came about because we wanted to create a community where parents, teachers, and app developers could come together to talk about ways to use technology to foster healthier, more educated children. That means we’d like all of you to get involved with building KinderTown by talking to one another about how you teach your children.

A few ways you can chat with us and each other:

KinderTown and Demme Learning

KinderTown is now part of the Demme Learning family of products. Together, KinderTown and Demme Learning provide a fantastic combination of digital and physical products to help parents engage with their children’s education.

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Press Inquiries

Press Inquiries should be addressed to press@kindertown.com. If you’re looking for graphics to use for a story like logos, screenshots, and app icons, you can find those on our press page.